Our Culture

Our mission is to achieve excellence in the safe and innovative delivery of projects underpinned by our core values and family culture.

McIlwain places a significant emphasis on our people, our relationships, our sustainability and our future as key enablers of our ongoing success. McIlwain places a significant emphasis on achieving ‘best-for-project’ outcomes. We value the need to understand our clients’ expectations to ensure they are ultimately met, and exceeded. Our business model is founded upon four pillars that truly reflect who we are and how we have operated since 1961. Each McIlwain staff member embodies these core values, which are used to inform the backbone of our internal corporate culture.


Care, Honesty, Respect & Reliability



Care involves showing genuine concern for the safety and dignity of everyone. We promote a work-life balance and encourage a happy, healthy lifestyle while considering the needs of people, partners, and communities, all while maintaining performance, sustainability, and safety at work.


Honesty is aligning our words and actions with integrity, sincerity, and transparency. We advocate for what is morally right and uphold promises while safeguarding the interests of clients, employees, and the communities we work in.


Respect is showing empathy and fairness while treating others as we would like to be treated. We recognise the value and diversity of individuals, appreciate their strengths and weaknesses, and display dignity, care, and courtesy in all interactions.


Reliability is consistently fulfilling commitments and responsibilities, both to our colleagues and our clients, ensuring that tasks are carried out to the highest standard. We will be present, dependable, and consistent in delivering on promises and always following through.


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